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        【关键词】标题 特征 NBA新闻 语料库Antconc3.2.1w 
        NBA is an important sports event that is reported by domestic media. Due to the limitations such as broadcasting rights and television coverage as well as domestic news lag, many basketball fans prefer to browse English official website directly to obtain timely basketball information. Thus the wording and phasing of headlines is important because they serve as the essence of news as well as reading guides for readers to choose from. 
        1. Introduction 
        These corpus are from the news headlines of American NBA official website between December 16th 2014 and January 1st 2015. They include 241 texts and 1,879 words in total ; the corpus comprises 241 texts which are composed of each headline and each texts.Then use the Antconc3.2.1w to analyze the corpus, carry on the statics about the collocations. 
        2. Data analysis 
        The length of each text can be concluded from the number of bytes, pictograph. The corpus statistics show that the pictograph of the whole corpus is 1,849, the pictograph of lexicon is 1,789, types are 657, their ratio is 36.54, which demonstrates that a high variability of words selected; four-letter-word is the most often used in headlines, average word length is 4.97, all these statics reflects that degree of difficulty of headlines is lower. (tab 1) 
        1) the exact number appears most frequently 
        Basketball fans are always concerned about players’ stats, thus exact numbers in headlines can help reader quickly obtain the information. Tab 1 reflects that numbers have been used for 51 times, accounting for 17.84%, ranking in the first position. The numbers are always the players’ stats who win the game and scored the most points and the players’ stats are often compared with the stars’ ones in history in Hall of Fame. For example: 
        LeBron Reaches 9,000 in Cavs' Victory over Bucks 
        2) terminology and specialized terms are frequently used 
        For those big fans they can understand without any problem but those are not familiar to basketball will be blind to the terminology and specialized terms. For example, 
        Inside-Outside Combo Powers Wolves' Win over Pacers, 
        3) acronym is used in medium frequency 
        Acronym is often used for simplicity. In this corpus,acronym accounts for 1.78 percent,, ranking in fourth position. For example: