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        【Abstract】This paper takes CDIO engineering education philosophy as a guidance, as well as regards the high-level, practical and integrated talents training as the goal.
        【Key words】CDIO; Mechanical teaching; Teaching team
        CDIO (Conceive-Design-Implement-Operate) engineering education mode is the achievement of international engineering education reform in recent years, and it is an innovative model of foreign higher engineering education. In 2007, the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance jointly issued The opinion on implementation of the undergraduate teaching quality and teaching reform project in institutions of higher learning, an important part of it that is to strengthen “construction of teaching team and high-level teachers”. Ministry of Education issued the document Opinions on Further Deepening Teaching Reform and Improving the Undergraduates Teaching Quality, this document stressed on the requirement of “construction of teaching team and cultivation sustainable development team” again. Therefore, the teaching team construction has been become the important content for College to enhance the quality of teachers and improve the level of education which has important practical significance to improve the quality of undergraduate education .
        The Connotation and Characteristics of Teaching Team
        Teaching team in college is that the teacher groups regard courses or course groups for the core, and it carries out teaching research and teaching reform through the collaboration and communication among members, which can improve the overall quality of teachers and teaching sequentially. In fact, in order to strengthen collaboration and communication between teachers, the institutions of higher learning had been done a variety of exploration and practice, such as teaching research, academic team, course process, teaching team, etc. The construction of the teaching team should regard to improve the quality of personnel training as the core, and focus on connotation construction, which includes teaching echelon construction, specialty construction, curriculum construction, practical base construction, etc.
        The first is knowing the goal. Teaching team is the group to improve the level of teaching and the quality of education. Warren Bennis said: In human tissues,, the vision is the single most powerful and motivating factor, and it can put different people to participate in it together. The shared vision is aspiration, ideal, and goal accepted by members of the organization, and the shared vision of realizing the educational objective and improving the quality of education bind teachers together, which motivate them to work together for team goals.