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        【Abstract】This paper deeply discusses the focus and construction measures of mechanical teaching team-building, which are oriented by the conception, design, realization and implementation of the project.
        【Key words】Mechanical teaching team; CDIO; Teaching team-building
        CDIO (Conceive-Design-Implement-Operate) engineering education mode is the achievement of international engineering education reform in recent years. There are some problems existing in the teaching team construction of colleges and universities.
        1. Sense of community team spirit is weak. Under the control of the idea of “university autonomy and academic freedom”, the universities formed the traditional education teaching of personality independence gradually, teacher's independence is the force to make the daily contact between teachers not close. And teachers are gathered in a team with the establishment of the teaching team, so there are comparisons of teaching and research performance between team members. Which have many problems in scientific research or teaching, and less communication between each other. The limited “cooperation” is carried out on the basis of the interests of balance, so the achievement made are limited.
        2. The structure of team teaching staff and structure of students is not reasonable. At present, many colleges and universities blindly change the teaching and research offices to “teaching team” under the political pressure, but there is no change in rule, regulations, and personnel structure. There are many inexperienced young teachers and very few experienced teachers, it is the ubiquity for aging of the backbone teachers. A lot of teaching teams lack of “leaders”, there is few teachers who have professional building capacity,, social influence, and resources integration capability. The formation of this kind of team learning-origin structure is deep-seated with “local” and “margin”. It is difficult to cultivate innovative talents in the monotonous thought.
        3. The teaching team of the “double type teachers” is low-quality. Currently, the majority of college teachers graduated from the school directly with master's and doctoral degrees, but they lack experience in Enterprise. Many young university teachers have natural flaws in the professional knowledge reserve, especially in teaching knowledge and teaching skills. They lack of communication and interaction with the industries, there is a gap between the new teachers with the “double type teachers”.