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        【Abstract】By studying the present situation of secondary vocational schools, I try to find out a classroom teaching pattern adaptable to the development of the vocational schools, so as to establish a harmonious English teaching-learning relationship in secondary vocational schools. A new English teaching pattern of “experiencing success” makes it possible for vocational school students to learn English in a joyful and light mood and acquire the sense of success through their own experience.
        【Key words】secondary vocational school; English teaching; pattern
        A completely new teaching pattern of “experiencing success” is crucial to improve the sense of achievement of teachers and students in secondary vocational schools.
        1. Improving Present English Teaching-Learning Condition
        The effect of English classroom teaching in secondary vocational schools can be enhanced only through improving present English teaching-learning condition in these schools.
        1.1 Working out Reasonable Purposes and Plans
        For example, for different majors from diversified vocational schools the same English teaching materials and teaching plans are used,, which restricts their study and deprives them of the rights to learn English knowledge relevant to their majors. In this way, students have to receive knowledge passively, unable to use their mind flexibly, which obviously goes against the original purposes and restrains their learning potential. Therefore, formulating reasonable, systematic and scientific English teaching-learning purposes and plans with pertinence is one of the effective means to improve classroom teaching situation.
        1.2 Strengthening Construction of Hardware and Software
        They make no effort to study and comprehend the individual differences of the students, and blame the difficulty of teaching entirely onto students’ lack of elementary knowledge. Therefore, it is only by updating school-running conception and improving comprehensive quality of English teachers that the present English classroom teaching-learning situation in Secondary vocational schools can be fundamentally made better.
        1.3 Making Use of Multimedia Reasonably
        Once I listened to a demonstration class. The English teacher put on one side of the screen a cartoon girl’s two big twinkling eyes. I wanted very much to read the words on the screen but I just couldn’t help enjoying looking at the lovely girl. As a result, before I could read all the words, the slide had already shifted to the next one. So what if the students had the same curiosity as I? Did they finish reading all the teaching materials shown on the slide? So I think the teacher should put the students’ concentration at the first place, avoiding just pursuing fashions or visual effects.