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        【Abstract】Grammar is the guiding rules of language, and a good mastery of grammar is the basis of English learning. This paper starts from the problems in college students’ current grammar learning and put forwards some strategies to improve their English grammar.
        【Key words】college students; grammar; countermeasures
        1. Introduction
        Grammar is one of the three elements of language, guiding the practice of language. Learning English grammar- English language rules is indispensable for Chinese students. But in colleges, students are much too guided to pass tests while ignoring the importance of grammar, so it is high time to call for both the students and the teachers to pay enough attention to grammar learning and teaching in colleges. This paper analyzes the problems existing in college students’ grammar learning and puts forwards some strategies to improve their English grammar level.
        2. Problems of college students’ grammar learning
        Many problems are encountered in the process of grammar learning and these problems greatly blocks college students’ learning of grammar.
        Ignorance of the importance of grammar
        Currently many students think that grammar is unimportant and useless in English learning and they believe that they can learn English well by mere practice and communication. They don’t pay equal attention to grammar as they pay to texts or tests. And sometimes teachers also fail to explain to the students the English rules so that the students frequently make mistakes in their writing and speaking.
        Lack of interest and confidence in grammar
        “I don’t like grammar” is the most frequent sentence the author hear from the students when the author tries to emphasize the importance of grammar to them. “I’m poor at grammar” is the second frequent answer said by the students, which functions nothing but an excuse for the mistakes they frequently make. So lack of interest and confidence greatly hinders college students’ grammar learning.
        Negative influence of mother language
        There are great differences between English and Chinese languages, especially in terms of grammar. Having little knowledge about the difference between the two language rules, students easily fall in thinking in Chinese mode and thus make Chinglish mistakes. That’s the negative influence of one’s mother language on the acquisition of a second language.
        The problems summarized above are the three main causes which blocks the college students’ grammar learning. How to cope with these problems to improve the grammar level of the college students?The following part offers some strategies.