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        【Abstract】Language itself is dynamic, so is language learning. And college English teaching should be a process of interaction. In this essay, a survey has been done to launch a probe into the interaction in college English teaching, the problems existed and the reasons behind.
        【Key words】survey; interaction; college English teaching
        1. Two Questionnaires
        Interaction can be seen as a dynamic process in which different factors interact with each other. In practice, college English teaching lacks interaction. But language itself is dynamic, so is language learning. Therefore, foreign language teaching and learning should be conducted through an interactive process.
        In order to find out the current situation in this aspect in college English teaching, a survey was conducted among non-English majors and graduates.
        Questionnaire 1
        1. In class, the teacher speaks English ______.
        A. more Chinese than English
        B. more English than Chinese
        2. You have ______ chances to learn English or American cultures in English class.
        A. many B. not many C. few
        3. In class, you learn English mainly from ______.
        A. practicing it B. listening to the teacher
        4. When explaining difficult problems, the teacher often ______.
        A. tries to make it easy by using simple examples
        B. just explain the knowledge itself
        5. Objectively speaking, the most serious problem of your English is that you are ______.
        A. good at written English and grammar exams,, but not good at oral communication
        B. good at oral communication, but not good at Written English or grammar exams
        C. good at neither written English or grammar exams nor oral communication
        6. In your English class, will you ask the teacher questions initiatively?
        A. often B. sometimes C. seldom
        7. There is ______ communication between the students and the teacher in your class.
        A. much B. occasional C. little D. enough
        8. Is there any contact between you and the teacher off class?
        A. much B. occasionally C. seldom
        9. Do you wish to have more communication with your English teacher?
        A. Yes. B. No.
        10. In class, the teacher ______ offer you chances to do group work with your classmates.
        A. often B. sometimes C. seldom
        11. In your English study, there is ______ interaction between you and your classmates.