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        1.巩固所学故事中出现的词汇:Goldilocks, bear, soup, hard, soft, afraid, just right等
        2.基于三只熊的故事,巩固there be句型;
        2.学生能够充分理解并掌握Grammar time中There be…句型的用法和规则以及单词too的用法;
        3.学生能够完成Fun time中的任务;
        (三) 情感目标:培养学生有序表达的能力。
        1.滚动复现词汇Goldilocks, bear, forest,, house, soup, hard, soft, afraid…
        2.在故事情景中反复使用、巩固there be句型;
        教学难点:There is 加名词单数或不可数名词,There are加名词复数对学生有难度,教师通过趣味活动逐步突破;
        Step1 Warming up
        2)Enjoy a song
        Step2 Review the story
        T: Last lesson we have learned an interesting story. What is the name of the story?
        Ss: Goldilocks and the three bears.
        T: Do you like the story?
        Ss: Yes!
        1)Review the sentence: This … is too…
        T: This story is too interesting. (板书句型)
        Look, there is a girl and a bear. Touch it. It’s very hard. This body is too hard.
        Ss: Yes.
        T: Is it hard?
        Ss: No. It’s soft. This body is too soft.
        T: Let’s read the words.
        T: Can you say some other sentences like this?
        Ss: This … is too… (复习hard\soft\just right)
        2)Retell and act the story
        Step3 New teaching
        1. Learn the new sentences
        1) T: Goldilocks sees a lot of things in the forest. Look, there are many trees in the forest. Who can say the next? 教师引导学生接龙说句:There are many trees in the forest. There is a house in the forest.
        S3: There are many trees in the forest. There is a house in the forest. There is a girl in the forest.
        2. Grammar
        Step4 Practice
        Step5 Consolidation
        a. Fun time—Draw and say为故事续尾导入P.10 练习
        T: After visiting the bears’ house, Goldilocks feels very sorry, so she writes a letter to the bears.
        Dear Bear Family,
        Sorry for bothering you last time. I would like to know if you have time to come and visit my house in the town. Hope we can be good friends!
        b. Draw sth. in the picture
        T: The Bears are happy to be invited. So they come to Goldilocks’ house. What’s in her house? Can you draw something in her house? Maybe you can draw some food on the table, or some toys for the baby bear. Please draw and talk about it. 指导学生完成书上第10页内容。
        3) T: Who can come here to show your picture to us, and talk about it?
        4) 教师引导学生模仿Goldilocks 介绍自己的家。
        Welcome to my home. Look, there is a … There are …
        6)教师小结:Today, you’ve done a very good job! Here’s your homework.
        Step6 Homework