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        【Abstract】Aiming at investigating the oral English teaching to the English majors in Xinjiang Engineering Institute, a questionnaire survey participated by 90 English majors was made, and by thoroughly analyzing the facts in the questionnaire, this paper puts forward some effective suggestions for the oral English teaching and learning.
        【Key words】questionnaire survey; English majors; Xinjiang Engineering Institute; oral English teaching and learning
        【摘要】本文通過对新疆工程学院90名英语专业学生进行的问卷调查的结果进行的详细分析与归纳总结, 针对英语专业学生的口语教学与学习提出了一些有效建议。
        【关键词】问卷调查 英语专业学生 新疆工程学院 口语教学与学习
        1. Introduction
        English as a worldwide language plays a more and more important role in the world communication. But in China, many college students still cannot communicate effectively in English, even the English major students. This paper aims to put forward a comprehensive approach to oral English teaching through the overall investigation of students’ oral English learning so as to improve our college students’ oral communicative competence effectively.
        2. Descriptions of the survey
        2.1 Subjects
        The present survey was conducted in Xinjiang Engineering Institute. A total of 90 English majors participated in the questionnaire survey.
        2.2 Instrument
        The instrument used in this descriptive study is questionnaire.
        Questionnaire used in this study is composed in Chinese in order that the students can have a full understanding of the questions. 18 statements are made with items for the students to choose from according to their own personal situation.
        2.3 Procedure
        The questionnaires were handed out at the beginning of second semester in the year of 2013-2014. The students were asked to circle on choice from each statement on the following scale: (1) strongly agree. (2) Agree. (3) Undecided. (4) Disagree. (5) Strongly Disagree. The questionnaire was finished in class and collected immediately. 90 students filled in the questionnaires. The recovery rate of the questionnaire was 100%.
        2.4 The results of point 1 to 18
        The following Table 1 presents the results of the point 1-18. All the data is real and correct.
        3. Conclusion
        Based on all the findings above, some recommendations can be made for our English major students in Xinjiang Engineering Institute.
        Students should not miss but seize every opportunity to speak English, try to create an environment for oral practice by themselves, and practice as much as possible in and after class. In order to lower the anxiety and heighten the self-confidence when speaking English,, students may also try some multimedia courseware or have man-machine conversations through computer to correct their pronunciation or intonation. Radio programs, video and TV programs may play the same role as well.