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        Some people think there is almost nothing history has to tell us. They believed what is done is in the past and instead of dwelling on it, we should move forward. In fact, history has much to tell us, and it can be a harbinger of the future. It can explain our identity, teach us mistakes we should not repeat, and help us have a broader understanding of the global village we live in.
        Look back at our past can give us a good picture of where we came from. The customers, language, and history of our ancestors can present a good picture of how our civilization has evolved and give good indications of where our present generation is headed, this is especially crucial in decision- making: once we have a firm understanding of our history, we can take everything into account and make the best choice, from planning the future of our cites to language and even fashion.
        Show few of slides at below:
        “St.Peter’s Square” of Vatican City, It called the world’s most symmetrical, the most magnificent square. In the 17th century, the famed architect Bernini spent his 11 years to build’s great masterpiece.
        “Chambord” is at the Loire Valley of France. It built in Fran?ois I, Its very distinct French renaissance architecture. It is the greatest castle, even it was never completed.
        The Great Wall of China. It is a masterpiece of ancient Chinese people’s wisdom, but also the symbol of the Chinese nation.
        These three example of historic buildings slides, it is an evidence of nation’s history, the country’s progress and development. It also becoming the nation’s a precious heritage.
        Another important aspect of learning about our past is that it tells us of horrific events that happened, mistakes that should never be repeated. For example,, children in Europe and North American are taught about Adolf Hitler and his plans of creating an Aryan race that was devoid of Jews. This historical event shows us that we should be aware of people who have evil designs and prevent them from gaining power. If we do allow this to happen-it shows that we have not fully understood what history was trying to tell us and we deserve to suffer the consequences.
        Finally, by learning about the ancient civilizations of other cultures and countries, we gain a broader understanding of the world. As we study them, we learn how these societies evolved eventually intermingled with each other, the Silk Road is a route where merchants from various cultures, European, Asian and Mongolian mixed together, exchanging various goods and ideas.