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        【Abstract】Natural phonics (phonics) to establish the letter and the letter combination and pronunciation of the perception, so that students in a relaxed atmosphere, understanding and learning the English alphabet combination of the secret, mastering English spelling law, so as to see words Read,, hear the words will find the purpose of learning. It is the most important feature is the complex pronunciation will be summarized into a regular, simple pronunciation, the English letter and pronunciation linked to solve the students learn English pronunciation difficult problems. As long as the children master these pronunciation rules, and to practice, you can easily see the word pronunciation, listening spelling.
        【Key words】natural spelling; primary English teaching; application
        1. foreword introduction
        According to the current primary school English textbooks, the comparison found that the current textbooks also pay attention to the English word letters, letter combinations pronunciation study, but students can not remember these pronunciation law, the examination can not be applied well, usually in the study of words can not be correct The use of. The reason for these versions of the letter pronunciation of learning materials are isolated, not a complete system. Can not establish the direct relationship between the letter and the natural pronunciation of the letter.
        2. an overview of natural spelling
        Letter is the name of the letter itself, and the letter A corresponds to a sound. If you pronounce [?] in the word apple, the word sad in the word sad is the name of the letter. In the [s], the core is the establishment of the English alphabet or combination of letters and their pronunciation one by one between the corresponding relationship, so that students learn to pronounce the alphabet to recognize the reading word, spelling words.
        And learn the English alphabet and the pronunciation of English letters, such as a + d = ad, S + ad = sad, c + ake = cake, bl + ack = black, m + ai + l = To understand how the pronunciation of the word comes from, but also how linked together. Will understand the pronunciation of the word structure, so students can read the word to see, hear the word will be able to write.
        3. The Superiority of Natural Spelling
        Practice teaching in natural spelling has the following advantages:
        (a) to avoid the international phonetic stiff, difficult to grasp
        In addition, the concentration of primary school students is generally weaker than that of middle school students. Boring phonetic learning will discourage their interest in learning. The development of primary school students’ mental level is generally lower than that of middle school students. For primary school students, the phonetic teaching is a new set of knowledge systems, the requirements of students than the existing capacity, easy to create new learning difficulties. Eliminate the enthusiasm of students to learn English.