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        Tibetan area is remote and underdeveloped mountainous area, so it is hard to communicate with teachers. And because of the poor learning basis and poor enthusiasm of learning, it is very difficult to learn a new language, especially English. However English is new subject for students in Tibetan area, and it is interesting and fearful for students to learn English. As an English teacher in Tibetan area, how do we make students become a good learner?
        Most students in Tibetan area will study English by writing down Chinese homonym and Tibetan homonym. In this way, they will have poor pronunciation and they don’t pronounce correctly. Even it is difficult to read the word, sentence, and passage. When they can’t read the word, sentence and passage, they will not be interested in English and be afraid of studying English. So as an English teacher, we should play the English tape to let students listen to. If the conditions permit, every student can buy an English tape for myself, and they need to listen every day. In class, students are confident of English;they are very excited about English. Because of good pronunciation basis, when students meet new words or study new words, they can pronounce the new words correctly by themselves by reading phonetic symbols. If students can pronounce correctly, there is no need to write down Chinese homonym and Tibetan homonym to study English and remember them. As an English teacher, to begin with, we must say to students some rules about studying English pronunciation: please paint short line under vowels;please remember the vowels’ and consonants’ pronunciation;please open your mouth to pronounce and speak English, including the words sentences and passages in your textbook;keep reading English every day;practice English more ;please remember the words by using hand, eyes, mouth, even heart. These will help them to study English pronunciation well. It is the first step to study English. If the students master the English pronunciation well, they will have no difficulties in reading words, sentences, even the passages in their textbook. It is very useful to learn grammar, understand the sentences, dialogue and the passages.
        The students think they master the English pronunciation well;they can read the words, sentences, or passages;they are a good learner? Of course not!When studying a foreign language, they are required to learn the four parts: listening, speaking, reading and writing. When they master the four parts well, they are a really good learner. They have mastered the English pronunciation well, however, they will start the long long way to go. The students will improve themselves from all sides. For students in Tibetan area,, how do they do to improve themselves? What do they do about becoming a good learners? If students want to be good at English and a good English learner, they will do something from the detail.