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        【Abstract】Developing students key competency in English is one of an indispensable strategy in deepening the English curriculum reform in basic education.This paper elaborates the study of key competency and the key competency in English. Moreover, based on key competency, teacher’s development should give greatly attention.
        【Key words】key competency; teacher’s development; English curriculum
        1. Introduction
        With the development of information age and knowledge economy, the competency of the future talents are heatedly emphasized, and key competency are universally discussed over the years. As a new pursuit of education in twenty-first Century, lots of countries and regions, including China, have been participated in the study of key competency. Development of the students’ key competency in English is a fundamental part in learning a second language. The greatly importance given to key competency in English is increasing day by day all over the world. Especially educators understand the importance of the education given to young individuals over the years.The key competency is leading teachers to change the way of teaching.
        As you can see, our country's education model is transforming gradually, from focusing on subject knowledge to ability development, from focusing teacher-centered teaching to student-centered teaching, from focusing on students’ learning results to students’ inquiry process. The purpose of key competency is to break the situation which is focusing on knowledge-oriented education and to promote the ability development. Teacher, as a leader of class, plays an essential and irreplaceable role. Teaching methods influence the students’ interest, attitude and even the development of thinking ability and creativity. Therefore, key competency and teaching practice should be combine together, using key competency in English to promoting teachers’ teaching.
        2. The study of key Competency
        2.1 The definition of key Competency
        In December 1997, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development started a program named Definition and Selection of Competencies: Theoretical and Conceptual Foundations(DeSeCo). The DeSeCo- A Summary Report claimed that key competency is covering various areas of life. It is an essential competency that key competency promote the success of life and a sound society. The European Union believed that key competency is including Communication in the Mother Tongue, Communication in Foreign Languages, Mathematical Competence and Basic Competence in Science and Technology, Digital Competence, Learning to learn, Social and Civic Competence, Sense of Initiative and Entrepreneurship,, Cultural Awareness and Expression. The three dimensions, knowledge, skills and emotion are described in the every eight field. America hold the view that the key competency is including Learning and Innovation Skills, Information, Media and Technology Skills, Life and Career Skills. As a systematic system, it is greatly essential to advocate key competency which will be lead the innovation from different ways and different aspects.