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        【Abstract】Based on the analysis of current situation of Business English Writing teaching in higher vocational colleges in the context of “Micro Era”, this paper probes into the new ideas of reforming Business English Writing teaching in higher vocational colleges.
        【Key words】“Micro Era” context; Business English Writing; teaching reform
        1. A Brief Introduction of the Course of Business English Writing
        As a sub-field of ESP (English for Special Purposes), a branch of EFL (English as a Foreign Language) or ESL (English as a Second Language), Business English Writing aims to enable the students to convey and communicate their ideas and messages clearly and effectively in the written words in the business environment through plenty of practical exercises and instructions from teachers.
        2. Current Situation of Teaching Business English Writing in Higher Vocational Colleges
        Nowadays, with more and more things to be labeled as “micro”, from micro blogging, micro videos, micro letters, micro fictions, to the nearest hot micro films, micro travel, modern China has quietly entered into the “Micro Era”. In the “Micro Era” context, new teaching models such as micro learning, MOOCs learning, flipped classroom, “cloud classroom” are used in teaching Business English Writing in some higher vocational colleges due to their unique advantages, which have a positive impact and profound significance on teaching, such as diversifying the forms of teaching resources, breaking the boundaries of teaching time and space, making the teaching methods flexible. But the essential curriculum elements of business English writing has not developed accordingly with these teaching models. To be more specific, in this course, there exist imbalanced relationship among the key curriculum elements such as teaching objectives, teaching contents, teaching methods and teaching evaluations, which seriously interfere with the role and functions that these new teaching models play in the “Micro Era” context.
        3. The New Ideas of Reforming Business English Writing Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges in the Context of “Micro Era”
        From the above discussion, we come to learn that there are some problems in teaching business English in higher vocational colleges, thus it is essential for us to explore on new ideas of reforming Business English Writing teaching in the context of “Micro Era”.
        3.1 To Reset the Teaching Objectives According to the Requirements of the Working Positions