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        【Abstract】New Curriculum Standard requires special attention should be paid to training the students’ reading ability. Based on great numbers of hindrances in reading practice, this paper reports the seven measures I have taken to raise my students’ reading efficiency. Grasping the measures will help the students not only achieve satisfactory reading effect but also develop good self-taught reading ability.
        【Key words】English reading; the writer’s path of writing; PSOR phases; models of reading
        As New Curriculum Standard states, the focus of senior English teaching is to train the students’ ability to gather information, deal with it, analyze problems and solve them by using English and also the ability to think and express themselves in English; reading, as one of understanding skills, is one of the important ways of information input, and cultural awareness is part of the students’ overall language-using abilities.
        With the arrival of Information Age and the actualization of New Curriculum Standard, many high school English teachers have realized that greater emphasis should be laid on reading, one of the important ways of information input and also one of understanding skills. However, despite the massive efforts made by both teachers and students, the students’ reading results are, on most occasions, far from satisfactory. Perplexed by the ineffective training activities, not only are the students bored with reading practice but also some teachers tend to doubt whether on earth any effective teaching methods of English reading actually exist.
        Based on this phenomenon, I started my consideration of the perplexity and have been searching for effective ways to raise my students’ reading level. Now I would like to present what has been attempted in my reading teaching practice.
        Ⅰ. Strengthen extensive reading
        The New English Curriculum Standard requires Level 7 out-of-class reading words to be over 300,000. Obviously, the reading materials provided by our textbooks, are far from enough. Therefore, supplementary reading materials should be planned for the students.
        Newspaper reading is an effective way of English learning. In recent years, many teachers in foreign countries have introduced newspapers into classrooms. Available to my students are such newspapers as China Daily, English Coaching Paper, English Weekly, and 21st Century. In order to enrich the students’ reading materials and add reading variety,, I group the students, let each group choose one type of newspaper in English and exchange them in reading. By reading newspapers, the students gain a great deal of information about news at home and abroad, the local conditions and customs in Western countries, and different cultures in different counties.