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        【关键词】初中 英语学习 动机 策略
        【Abstract】Learning a language is not a simple or easy task, sometimes it is boring and tedious. So how to effectively stimulate students to learn English is an important issue. Motivation plays an important part in language learning. English learning motivation is one of the important factors influencing foreign language learning, which determines the number of students learning English in the time spent learning and perseverance to overcome difficulties in the process of paying. Thus affecting the students' English learning; this view was also used by many linguists he accepted, and was also written into the new English curriculum standards promulgated by China in 2001. English learning motivation is an intrinsic motivation of learners (for English learning needs, desire, etc.) it promotes a voluntary and effective effort to learn English. Studying English learning inspiration for students , which is good for stimulating students motivation and improving students' interest in learning English.Based on an overview of research on the theory of inspiration, but also analyzes the current situation of middle school students to learn English, and finally how to motivate and trainmiddle school students’ motivation to learn and apply it to teaching middle school English classroom specific inquiry.
        【Key words】Middle School; English learning; motivation; Strategies
        I. Introduction
        People do anything has its motives and objectives, as students’ learning by taking part in teaching activities, which has its motivation and purpose. The main learning motivation is students’ awareness and a keen interest in learning ,, which is an inner mental state and process of normal development for stimulating students' learning activities whose conduct toward certain learning objectives. Right motivation is a necessary condition to acquire knowledge, but also an important part of the formation of high moral quality. English learning motivation for students of English can be expressed as a certain degree of love and desire for knowledge. There are individual differences in motivation directly affects students' English learning. For students of middle school, English learning motivation is very important.