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        1. Introduction
        “International tourism island” refers to the specific area of the island, limited to the scope of the tourism industry in the field, the implementation of foreign “visa free zero tariff” as the main characteristics of the investment and trade liberalization policy. Hainan proposed the goal of building an international tourism island is to make the tourism industry in line with international standards, the construction of Hainan into a world-class tropical island resort. The realization of “zero distance service management”, to build Hainan into “holiday island, ecological harmony and civilized service island”.
        Eco-tourism is a tourist to return to nature and experience of ancient culture, protection of natural ecology and traditional culture based on motivation in sustainable development, but does not harm the environment, to the beautiful natural environment and rich cultural atmosphere of the area with natural resources and traditional culture as the object, and to promote economic, social, tourism the ecological benefits of coordinated development of a new type of sustainable tourism activities. Hainan has a “ecological province”, “Healthy Island”, “Sunshine Island” unique resources, tropical agriculture occupies an important position in Hainan national economy, good natural environment has become the sustainable development of Hainan tourism brand assets, the development of Hainan tropical agriculture eco-tourism Unlimited Business Opportunities, have a brilliant future.
        2. Conditions for the Development of Eco-tourism in Hainan
        Eco-tourism resources are the most valuable tourism resources in Hainan,, also the advantages and characteristics of the development of tourism in Hainan. In the construction of international tourism island under the background of the development of ecological tourism in Hainan shows some new features.
        Firstly , rich ecological resources include natural and human resources.In the natural ecological resources, Hainan has the coastal scenery, mountains and tropical forests, rivers, waterfalls, rare fowls and strange animals and reservoir scenery, volcano, caves, hot springs, tropical crops and pastoral scenery; in the humanities ecological resources, Hainan has many famous historic sites and scenic spots, ethnic customs, a batch of intangible cultural heritage and civilization village etc. Until the end of 2008, a total of 68 nature reserves in Hainan Province, with 8 national level, provincial level 23, 37 County level. Land natural reserve 56, accounting for about 8.1% of the total land area of the province; marine type nature reserve of 12.