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        I trudged slowly through the rocky road to visit the monster living in my heart.
        There was a dark forest with whole black sky. Nobody was there, except me myself. I huddled deep in my coat in pursuit of its meager protection, warming the icy coldness insidiously into my bones. What a strange place! Was it worthwhile to make an all-out effort to visit him?
        Of course!
        To be honest, it was not easy to get along with myself, even though. And I was tired of quarreling and then making a foolish deal with myself every day. I was fed up and I must visit the monster and ask him why he brought me such a bad life. What I needed was just a reasonable explanation.
        Here I was, on my way to the monster.
        After what seemed like an eternity, I reached a tiny hut. Though I had spent a lot of time walking, I didn’t feel hungry, even a little thirsty. But I was attracted by something strange in the hut and couldn’t keep myself from walking towards it. I knocked at the door.
        The door opened and I found an old woman staring at me.
        I was extremely scared, because I had never thought of a person living in my heart.
        “Come on in.” said the woman, leading me into the hut.
        “How do you get here?” she asked.
        “I just walk here.” I answered.
        The woman smiled. It was an odd, sad smile, and for a moment I caught a glimpse of grief pain immersing in the smile. Suddenly I found something shining around her neck. I squinted to see it clearly. Oh, my God. I recognized it, it belonged to my mom.
        “How dare you …!”
        “You know about the necklace, but you never try to know about me.” She interrupted.
        To my surprise, I heard the words spoken in my mom’s voice, one by one, so clearly. I made a deep breath and wanted to explain but I was stopped by her.
        “I know who you are with no doubt. Your picture is always there on the table in my room, staring at me.”
        She stood still in silence, and so did I.
        “I really appreciate you giving me the life, but it never comes from the bottom of my heart. You are a great selfless mother and I am the one who killed you when I was given to birth. Every time I make mistakes, they warn me not to disobey,, and every time I succeed, they say:‘it’s all because of your mother.’ How dare I forget you! But I never feel happy with you living on my happiness. I’m terribly sorry about what I think about you in my mind. So I’m here to deal with it. Can you tell me where I can find the monster?”