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        1. Introduction
        Recent years have witnessed numerous studies on how to improve learners’ listening comprehension and how to effectively teach listening. Despite these efforts, some problems still exist(the scarcity of two-way listening activities; the lack of authenticity of audios,, the absence of teaching listening skills). This essay uses the software Prezi to present a design of an English listening class with ICT which incorporates two-way communicative activities like jigsaw, visual aids such as videos, awareness-raising checklists of listening strategies with a view of promoting communication and raising students’ metacognitive awareness of strategy use. The pros and cos of this listening class will be discussed, followed by a conclusion in the end.
        2. Actual class
        Duration: 90 minutes (two sessions)
        Audience: the targeted audience is the third year English major students around age 19-20
        Class size:32-36 students
        My teaching aims are for the learners to be able:
        (1) To develop a very clear understanding of non-verbal communication
        (2) To learn the new vocabulary and phrases of describing body language and know how to use them.
        (3) To learn how to reproduce the information that they’ve listened.
        (4) To learn to cooperate with other students to achieve the same purpose.
        (5) To learn listening strategies and practice them for the other listening materials.
        Presentation medium: Prezi (see Class link in Appendix I).
        Class arrangement
        The class takes place at a multi-media computer lab which can be controlled by teachers to switch on and off the screens, change volumes and alter listening format between videos and audios. The classroom has 36 seats with an aisle in the middle.
        Class procedure
        At the beginning of the class, I will ask students to discuss several questions to guide them thinking about the definition of the body language, how important is the body language and in what occasions does body language matter. After their schemata have been stimulated, the first video about the introduction of body language will be played, and then students have to answer some questions relating the video. The reason for using videos as the visual aids for the listening class is because they are indispensable part of authenticity (Lynch, 2009).Then the first listening strategy checklist adapted from Metacognitive Awareness Listening Qustionnaire (Vandergrift et al, 2006) will be introduced for students to check whether they have used these strategies during the listening materials or not.