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        【Abstract】Vocational teaching reform plays a very important role in deepening the reform of higher education. However, most of the present graduates have high scores but low ability, and lack of related professional quality for the target position. To narrow the gap between learning and application, it’s urgent to adopt a kind of advanced teaching approach by combining the characteristics of students with rules of talents development.
        【Key words】FST method; Higher Vocational College; OE; office
        1. Introduction
        Vocational teaching reform is a very important part in deepening the reform of higher education, of which the reform of English teaching is the most difficult, far-reaching and significant one, especially the OE since the talents of communication is becoming more and more important in the opening world. But under the Chinese exam-oriented educational background, the cultivation of OE application ability is insufficient apparently especially in the ability that is related to profession. The higher requirement of students’ professional ability requires new and effective OE teaching method to adapt to.
        2. The Definition of FST
        The word “spectrum” comes from the Project Spectrum which was researched by a Harvard University professor named Howard Gardner and his group members. Full Spectrum Teaching was put forward formally by Peking University Resource College in 2010.
        2.1 In the process of FST teaching, comprehensively build the real scene of office and operation of the enterprise; at the same time equip the schools with advanced facilities that are integrated with the industry. So that the students can fully exercise the practical skills while learning theory knowledge. Similarly, in the students’ management system, absorb the essence of the modern enterprise management system. Therefore, in the study life of university, students can not only gain the professional knowledge and practical skills, but also cultivate the professional quality.
        2.2 Under the background of the 12th five-year plan, China is experiencing the transformation of the pattern of economic development and the adjustment of economic structure. So the industry’s demand for talents is also changing with the times. The schools should have clear teaching targets by setting the specific training model and designing the certain courses according to the demands to fit the goal of cultivating application-oriented talents.
        2.3 FST mode applies the “TEKH” (technology, emotion, knowledge, habit) value concept of talent training in the students’ cultivation. It focuses on the knowledge training, yet pays more attention to the cultivation of emotional intelligence and habits. At present, the enterprises require the talents not only have enough professional knowledge and skills, but also must have highly comprehensive qualities, such as communicating skills, team cooperation ability, anti-pressure ability and so on.