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        【Abstract】Amy Chua, the lifelong professor of Law School of Yale University, has published the book called Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother which refers to her own experience on educating her two daughters. The book raises wide concern and discussions about family education between China and America. Due to the social, economic, historical and cultural differences between China and America, there are great differences in purposes, contents, methods and results. This article aims to provide references and sources for Chinese family education through the comparative analysis of family education between China and America.
        【Key words】Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother; family education; differences
        Brief Introduction
        Amy Chua was born in Illinois, Champaign in 1962, moving to Berkeley at the age of eight. She graduated from Harvard University and Harvard Law School with excellent honorary and being the chief editor of the Harvard Law Review when she studied at Harvard Law School. Chua’s Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother turns to the parent-child education. It is a memoir,, explaining her Chinese mother style, especially in developing her daughters’ music talent, Amy Chua has her own particular ideas.
        As the second generation in the Chinese immigration to the United States, Amy Chua educates her two daughters with the Chinese parents’ high exception and strict ways. Under the mother’s strict disciplines and great uprising, these two girls inherit the outstanding Chinese tradition and have perfect performance in study, music and etc, being called as the local music prodigy.
        Chua’s education methods raise great attention in America, and it leads to a discussion about the education method of china and the United States.
        Family education cannot be replaced for people, because family is the first group which the children belong to and from which they form their own personality. Understanding the difference between these two countries rightly plays a very important role in the development of Chinese contemporary family education.
        Differences of Family Education Purpose
        Chinese parents attach great importance to social adaptability and they are often in accordance with the established model to educate their children, but they always neglect children’s physical and mental development to promote their growths. They want their children become successful and pay more attention to their studies, thinking that as long as children have great grade, every problem can be solved.