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        【关键词】歧义 商业广告 关联理论
        【Abstract】Ambiguity is often seen as a common phenomenon in language. Many linguists laid more emphasis on ambiguity from the ancient Greece. The chief aim of this paper is to master a comprehensive understanding of ambiguity in order to obtain a deep insight of ambiguity by exploring the causes of English ambiguity and application of ambiguity in commercial advertising. It must have difficulties in covering all the fields of ambiguity. This paper will endeavor to find the causes of ambiguity in every role of languages so as to really understand ambiguity in English.
        【Key words】Ambiguity; Commercial Advertisements; Relevance Theory
        CHAPTER 1 Introduction
        With the constant advancement of world informationization and commodities’ economy, competition among enterprises is getting more intense. This thesis aims at knowing how does this comprehensive art—commercial advertisements covering linguistics,, phonics, literature and aesthetics impact on our life in an all-round and far-reaching way.
        CHAPTER 2 Introduction of commercial advertisements and ambiguity
        2.1 Introduction of commercial advertisements
        2.1.1 The definition of commercial advertisements
        So far, so many definitions of advertisements can be found in related works. However, the definition“Advertising is the non-personal communication of information usually paid for and usually persuasive in nature about products, services or ideas by identified sponsors through the various media”(Liu2002:3) ruled by American Marketing Association has been accepted by the insiders.
        2.1.2 The functions of commercial advertisements
        There are two major functions exist in commercial advertisements. It is social function and culture function respectively. Ads have reached a level of high speed, wide range and frequency which occupied people’s life once for all. So ads do have influence on the psychology of recipients and make changes on their way of thinking and value orientation.
        2.2 Introduction of ambiguity
        Ambiguity has all along aroused a heat debate. So what is ambiguity? Mackay and Bever made a definition that “any stimulus pattern which is capable of two and only two distinct interpretations.” More clear to say that ambiguity means that the same linguistic sentence or part of it can convey multiple meanings.