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        【Abstract】Interpersonal meaning is an important part in functional grammar. It refers to that people use language to express their ideas or attitudes with others to set up their social relationship. Based on Mood of interpersonal metafunction, this paper is going to analyze some discourse of chapter one in the adventures of Tom Sawyer,, which aims to analyze how the interpersonal meaning is playing a part in building social relationship and portraying peoples’ characteristics in literature text.
        【Key words】interpersonal meaning; Mood; literature text
        1. Introduction
        As the tool for communication, language is playing an important role in human interaction. Language possesses lots of functions. Metafunction is the core of systemic functional grammar. Linguists holds that metafunction consists of ideational metafunction, interpersonal metafunction and textual metafunction, and it is closely related to discourse.
        Language can not only expresses one’s life experience and mental thoughts, it can also describes the speaker’s social status,attitudes, motivations and communication with other social members. Based on Mood of interpersonal metafunction, this paper is intended to analyze chapter one in the adventures of Tom Sawyer. The purpose of it is to explain the application of Mood in discourse analysis.
        2. Mood
        Linguists believes that giving and demanding commodities are the basic aims of interpersonal meafunction. The commodities refers to not only goods-and-services, but also information. There are four basic speech roles: giving information; demanding information, giving goods-and- services and demanding goods-and-services. The labels for these functions are: statement, question, offer,and command.
        Speech functions are realized by Mood. Statements are usually expressed by declarative clauses; questions are usually expressed by interrogative clauses; commands are usually expressed by imperative clauses.
        In the adventures of Tom Sawyer, Mark Twain criticized the hypocritical social conventions and stereotyped school education by describing Tom’s adventure experiences. Tom is a clever, vivacious,resourceful but naughty boy. He likes adventures,freedom and desire to excel over others. In the beginning of the novel, it was written that Tom met a strange boy who was well-dressed, like a city boy, but Tom looked miserable and shabby, which made Tom angry and jealous. This caused quarrel between them and finally went up to fight with each other.