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        【Abstract】Adopting the method of literature consultation and logical analysis, this thesis discusses about the American dream—equality,, democracy and freedom. And the thesis thinks the American dream specifically refers to the following stuff: everyone in America should be treated equally; everyone can make a difference through their efforts; people should be hard-working, courageous and creative; all the people constitute a country and create a more prosperous and stronger America.
        【Key words】American dream; equality; democracy; freedom
        The sky was full of different shapes of beautiful clouds. Some of clouds were like a group of eagles. Some of clouds were like a cluster of blooms. Some of clouds were like a branch of armies. The sun lied in the sky, feeding all the things on the earth. Our car was full of jokes and laughter. After an hour, we arrived at our destination—Mountain Rushmore. The moment our car stopped in the parking lot, we couldn’t control oneself, and I unfastened my seat belt, and grabbed my cellphone, and jumped from our car. I must be on fire. For it was my first time being there. So I run to the perfect viewing platform, then I saw the statue. “They are Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt” someone said. And I felt it was big—very big, so big that it could even match the Titanic. And through the telescope, much clearer and tiny stuff entered into my view, like the serious expressions of the four American presidents, like the rock layer structures, like the rain or snow traces on their faces, like the artificial chiseling locus. Anyway, the four famous American presidents statues were combined together, elevating American citizen’s sense of pride, giving hope to the poor people, enlightening the world—they are trustworthy, confident, loyal, determined, and courageous. Watching the meaningful statue, I was somehow caught in contemplation. Immediately, a question rushed into my brain—what’s the American dream? Is it all about the economy? Is it all about the military? Is it all about politics? Actually, it is not a simple but complex question. However, in general, I think the American dream refers to equality, democracy as well as freedom. Specifically, everyone can live a wonderful life and succeed by their efforts. And people should be industrious, courageous, creative and determined so that they can make a difference without depending on specific social stratum. So in this respect, it is about the American citizens. But all the American citizens constitute a country: the United States.