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        A Liberal Decalogue, a remarkable micro-manifesto from the third volume of The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell expressing his vision for responsibilities of a teacher, illumines my pondering on the purpose of education, the merit of uncertainty, the significance of critical thinking, and more. Among the ten commandments, the first one has the most profound impact upon me.
        I do believe absolute certainty brings great harm to every individual, especially teachers. If a teacher holds absolute certainty, standard answers will be created to erode vulnerable students’ thinking and produce them like the products from the assembly line. If teachers label students to shorten the range of their attention, many students will surely lose the confidence of being a success and many possibilities will be annihilated. For example, before entering the university, my teachers all believed I was not suitable for monitor concerning my irritability, so I also thought I was not competent to do it. However, last year, I was recommended by classmates to be monitor. The result was that I communicated well with teachers in the office of Academic Affairs and dealt patiently with tremendous work to construct the class. With my constant efforts, both the academic atmosphere and the strong solidarity of our class gained a lot admiration. Now that I could perform well when given the opportunity, so do many students who encountered or are encountering the similar denial.
        Absolute certainty is also a malevolent tumour for those who are not teachers. It sometimes hurts the credibility of authority. For instance, last year, the US presidential election in which the polls and pundits all firmly announced that Hilary Clinton would certainly defeat Donald Trump but the result was opposite. The reliability of those institutions was greatly threatened. Of course, such certainty bothers common people very often, like me. The first time I came to Shanghai, I visited Foreign Languages Bookstore with my friend. After that, we wanted to take a bus to People’s Square, but an argument arose between us for there are buses and one shows the last stop is “People’s Square” which my friend thought we should take while the other is “People’s Square Huaihai Road” which I thought so. In the end, I gave in because my ration chose to believe one who had been to Shanghai for three times. However, after getting off the bus,, we walked about one thousand metres to “People’s Square Huaihai Road”. Thence, I fear of trusting her since that day.