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        I grew up in a small village. There were many things to play with in my childhood. When I was about 7 years old, I always did something I was curious about. After I played with fire, I realized the meaning of the quote that say a person should think before he does this.
        At that time I was amazed at a burning fire, just like many other children. I think playing with fire was a release of courage and power, and overcoming the flames meant one could overcome everything, and all the unhappiness and sorrow would go away as the flames burned in the wind. I often baked potatoes and sausages with fire, and learnt how to make a fire with a little match.
        One day I was playing in the yard, and there was withered grass on the ground. I got an idea that I could set fire to it and see the flames. It seemed very exciting. So I picked up a match from the kitchen and lit the grass, but didn’t succeed. I tried several times and finally made a fire. I was very happy to see the fire burning. Then I put out the fire with my little feet. I started the fire again, and quenched it again many times. I did it just for fun. Now I think it was boring, but a child liked to do that full of joy and patience.
        Things were not always going smoothly. After making the fire again, I couldn’t stop it with my feet. I became very flustered and didn’t know what to do. The fire got hotter and larger, and quickly a large area of withered grass was on fire. I could smell the burning fire and see the smoke flying into the sky. My parents and grandmother were doing farm work in the field near our yard at that time, but I didn’t dare to call them for help. I just wanted to solve the problem by myself. So I threw stones and soil onto the fire but couldn’t make a difference. The situation got worse because there was a pile of wood in the corner of our yard, and the fire was getting closer to it. Within a minute, the wood was on fire. Quickly the fire spread across the wood pile. I could see the fire jumping and hear the flames roaring. I was totally shocked and began to cry, just like all other children would do.
        My parents heard the cry and ran back to the yard. When they saw the scene, they were very surprised and worried about my safety. My mother picked me up and took me to the room. My father brought several pails of water from the kitchen, and then poured the water on the fire. The fire was put out soon. Thank god, the fire didn’t cause a big loss, and only some grass and wood were destroyed.
        This event taught me a valuable lesson. We should think carefully before act. Fire is very useful in our daily life, because we can cook and keep warm with fire. But fire is also very dangerous. It causes fire disasters and explosions, and has made many people lose their lives. Being curious about everything is a good thing, but we should know the power of nature, and pay more attention to safety. If we don’t care about this, we will probably make a big mistake. Since then, I’m not so careless as before, and have become more prudent. There are many lessons to learn in life, if we correct our mistakes positively, we will grow up faster.