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        【Abstract】non-verbal communication plays an indispensable role in the process of human communication, has a broad prospect of application and study of non-verbal communication to understanding human communication phenomenon, reveals the human propagation law has very important significance.
        【Key words】nonverbal communication; Information expression; role
        Nonverbal communication refers to the addition of oral language, all information communication behavior and way of written language other than. Both interpersonal communication and mass communication, human beings must have the aid of to nonverbal means accurate, vivid image, the dissemination of information. On the role of nonverbal communication, now cited is more American psychologist Albert Merabien as the conclusion of the experiments: the overall effect of the information =7% words +38% voice +55% facial expressions. Visible, non-verbal communication plays an important role in the dissemination of information.
        1. Broad application prospectsWhether civilians or daily greeting greetings presidential campaign speech, communicators are bound to use non-verbal Communication express emotion . Non-verbal Communication has been widely used: Diagnose the illness, Doctor-patient treatment of people; Skills training ;Cross-cultural communication .In addition, the spread of non-verbal knowledge precinct is used for interrogation of prisoners, measure lie ; touch knowledge is used to train the parents and the child’s family, education in Europe and the rise of the touch hot ; color shading is used to express the hope that people stay for long or get out of the information, such as fast food restaurants use bright lights to accelerate customer turnover, Kara OK hall is used to retain the dim light “ within a short walk, ” the men and women ... Needless to say: non-verbal dissemination of research results will have a very significant social value.
        2. To the language make-up, styling
        As the name implies: Audio language is bound to have “sound”, “silent” will not become a sound language . But the language of sound “sound” contains extremely important, extremely rich, extremely complex non-verbal behavior .Since 1981, the Central People’s Broadcasting Station Miss Xu Man art spread in the use of non-verbal language, deputy to talk sounds appealing way, gentle sweet voice struck ten million Taiwan compatriots Beijing patriotic heartstrings.American psychologist AlbertInformation words total effect = 7%words +55 %facial expressions +38 % voice.