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        【Abstract】The Catcher in the Rye, the only long novel of works written by American writer J.D. Salinger, was bestowed the title of one of classic literary works in 20th century. The novel vividly presents readers with a contradictory mental battle of the main character Holden Caulfield, as the representative of American teenagers that time, from being hatred of hypocrisy to pursuing purity,and eventually to coming back to the reality of society, thus it reveals the inner world of American teenagers featured with loneliness and hesitation after World War II. This dissertation uses Freud's psychoanalysis triple personality structure model as the theoretical framework for analysis of Holden's contradictory personalities,namely, Holden's id,ego,superego and to analyze the figure of Holden from the perspective of psychoanalysis in order for readers to have a better understanding of the structure of human personality,and finally to gain some reflection and thoughts for the growth of teenagers.
        【Key words】The Catcher in the Rye; Holden Caulfield; Sigmund Freud; triple personality structure model; psychoanalysis
        J.D.Salinger are considered by many critics and readers to be one of the most significant and influential American writers after World War Two.In 1951,the publishment of his only long novel The Catcher in the Rye made him famous across the nation.
        Id seeks to satisfy the needs of instincts while the superego acclaims the rules of behaving the self morally despite whatever difficulty from the id.The ego isobligatory to settle any problem arsing from between the id and superego.The ego is required to satisfy the needs of id,but not at the expense of the superego.Holden's ego failed to offer a resolution for the conflicts between the id and superego because of his long-term depression from the power of id and loss of superego.Thus,the superego and id together accounted for the imbalance of ego.
        Holden’s Id
        The id is comprised of instincts and impulses. Freud upholds the belief that all human behaviors are originated from libido whose nature is impulse.Human beings are driven by the power of libido in their pursuit of dreams and they fight against what is getting in the way to achieve what they want because of libido.
        Holden’sSexual Repression
        The pressure of adolescent sexuality, an important theme throughout The Catcher in the Rye, makes itself felt here for the first time: Holden’s greatest worry is that Stradlater will make sexual advances toward Jane, a girl Holden seems to care for very deeply, who hangs out with Stradlater.