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        【Abstract】teacher plays a significant and irreplaceable part in education. this paper demonstrates the multiple roles that teachers play,especially teachers in the process of classroom teaching. good teacher never works as mere deliverer of information,but take on the roles as mentor,Organizer,Resource Person,controller,psychologist,models,assessor.
        【Key words】Organizer; Model; Resource Person; Assessor; Controller; psychologist
        1. Introduction
        As more and more people attach great importance to education,the schools play more important role in today society. famous teacher not only teach the knowledge very good but also can help students the way to improve the efficiency of their study which faculities can not replace. The roles of language teachers at higher institutions need to be re-defined as modern technologies,curriculum development,job market and education reform influence their roles(Latisha Asmaak Shafie,Surina Nayan.2010:1). most teachers saw themselves as filling multiple roles and revealed that these were defined based on the following perspectives:how teachers plan and conduct teaching activities,what they want to emphasise and achieve in teaching and their relationships with their students and work environment. These findings suggest that teachers’ individual cultural backgrounds,personal experiences and contextual factors all contribute to variations in their beliefs about their roles(Li Wang;Xiangyun Du.2016).
        2. Roles of the teachers
        2.1 Organizer
        Teaching is an organization of learning. Thus it follows that a teacher is essentially an organizer. The task of any organizer is to enable a group and the individuals in it to function effectively together for the achievement of a common purpose. This is precisely your proper role as a teacher.
        2.2 Assessor
        Then,the teacher as assessor is also critical for teacher. Because it is clear that a major part of a teacher’s job is to assess the students’ work,to gauge how well they are performing or how well they performed.
        2.3 Resource Person
        The resource role implies that the students take the initiative to come to the teacher and the teacher is ready to offer advice and counsel whenever the students seek it.
        2.4 Controller
        As sometimes expected in traditional education institutions,the teacher plays the role of master controller when he is always in charge of every moment in the classroom.
        2.5 Psychologist