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        【Abstract】With the rapid development of computer and popularization of the network, the present teaching pattern that still uses traditional teaching method “one chalk, one blackboard” seems to be unable to meet the requirements in the present society any longer, and English teaching is no exception. The introduction of the multi-media teaching method to the English class has been one of the tendencies to the development of English teaching. But the misuse of the modern tools will surely result in the bad effect to English teaching. So English teachers should take an active part in the research of how to use the multi-media teaching method in English teaching and try to avoid its misuses.
        【Key words】multi-media; English teaching; overcome
        Ⅰ. Erroneous Zone in the Use of Multi-Media
        There are many outstanding strong points in multi-media teaching comparing with the traditional teaching. But it is not valid everywhere. It has both advantages and disadvantages. Some teachers cannot see the advantages and disadvantages of the multi-media in their teaching and cannot exploit to the fully the multi-media’s favorable conditions and avoid unfavorable ones. They take the use of the multi-media as the leading teaching methods. They cannot use the multi-media and ignore the function of teacher. The multi-media teaching programs of theirs are only the accumulation of letters, images, and the contents of books, just like a refurbished version of the book. There is no innovation in their class. They just show the multi-media teaching program in their English class and teacher just like a projectionist. Teacher become the slave of the multi-media and cannot be as the leading teaching main subject.
        Ⅱ. Countermeasure
        The countermeasures are the measures and the remedies which the educators can take measures to correct the misunderstandings or misusing of multi-media English teaching.
        Take the man as the primary and adopt the advantages of the multi-media. When we make the multi-media teaching program, we must know that it is only and can be only the assistant teaching tool for our teaching. Students and teacher should be always the primary. Teacher is the leading and students are the principal part. With the interposition of multi-media, teacher is less participated in the class and students are more active in the class. But this does not mean that teacher is not the leading any longer, Teacher is always the designer of the class, exponential of the study and the organizer of the class. The teaching art is improved. Teacher should pay more attention to giving students advices. Further more, teacher should set up his own teaching style in his multi-media teaching program to make his lessons more vivid and vigorous. Every teacher must not be controlled by the multi-media. The multi-media teaching program is not the repeat of the hook, not the relish of the lessons, it is the re-creation which can meet the requirement of teaching contents and students’ practical cites by teacher.