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        【Abstract】English learning is a process of accumulation, which requires enough input and output. It is not an efficient way to study English by rote. Some skills and methods may help English learners. In this thesis, the author introduces some specific memory methods and processes and aims to help senior high school students to improve English learning strategies.
        【Key words】English knowledge in high school; skill and method; memory
        High School is a very important stage in the process of receiving education for students. High school English plays a very important role in the subjects that students have to master. But English is not an easy course for many students to learn, whose English learning can’t describe with “pleasure.”English is different from other courses like Chinese or History because it isn’t the native language of Chinese students and a different culture for them. Influenced by the factors of language habit, culture and environment, many students do not have a good command of English knowledge. In this case, many students learn English in a “simple and brutal” way, that is rote memorization. Obviously, this method does not help students to master English knowledge better. English learning is a process of accumulation. You had better not study English by rote. It also takes some skill and method. Only in this way can we better master English knowledge and achieve better results. Here are some tips for learning English in senior high school.
        1. Develop English word learning plan and use skills to master English words
        Specify the number of words for each day to master, and use the rules of memory, and review systematically words that learned previously. The use of root memory, associative memory and other methods will improve the efficiency of vocabulary memorization. For example, the root of the word ‘-gamy’ means marriage, ‘ exo-’, this affix is a variant of the affix ‘ ex-’, which means ‘outward’.So ‘exogamy’ means ‘Intermarriage with foreigners’. That’s the root-memory method. The most interesting method of memory is associative memory. For example, there are two words, ‘fragrant’ and ‘flagrant’. The difference between two words is just one letter, but It means the opposite. The former means ‘smells well’ and the letter means ‘smell bad’. There are two ‘r’ in the fragrant, which like two flowers, so this word means ‘smells well’. The ‘l’ of ‘flagrant’ looks like some kind of fertilizing tool, so this word means ‘smells bad’.