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        【Abstract】This paper illustrates problems about the format and reference in composing an English dissertation. Some analysis of these issue will be dealt with from different perspectives, such as, how to write academically; be aware that all the source materials or ideas should be acknowledged; how to avoid plagiarism.
        【Key words】format; reference; plagiarize; citation, sources
        1. Introduction
        Colleges and institutions all over the world think plagiarism in a serious way, which will affect students’ graduation and what is worse, should be a negative element in their future career. Therefore, colleges in some countries or in particular areas have taken action against students who plagiarize. To avoid plagiarism writers should exploit quotation marks for everything copying from the sentences that read. Writers are not supposed to copy the text literally so some changes must be advocate .Just make sure that all the sources I use are acknowledged in the text and in the list of references. However, before writing a good paper it is very wise to conceive a proposal, which can help you think in a clear, quick and logical way. Moreover, writers must understand the instructions or the description of their tutors, which will help get a satisfying records.
        2. Summarizing proposal
        Before conducting your research you are highly recommend to list down several related questions on separate lines or figure out some brief details of the subjects you are going to deal with to investigate a particular issue. Afterwards write down your research methodology in tables to show which research questions could help you answer and think carefully about why you have chosen a particular technique or techniques to answer a specific question. Below example is for reference:
        Thesis question Research Questions Subjects Research techniques
        What do you want to learn or be able to do as a result of carrying out this study? Why?
        Can you summarize this as the main ‘thesis’ question you want to answer? What questions do you need to find the answers to in order to answer your ‘thesis’ question?
        What subjects do you propose to use? Do they match your target audience? How many? Why have you chosen that number? What research techniques can you use to answer your research questions?
        (Show which techniques will help you answer which questions)
        3. Understanding instructions
        A high level essay should include a legible and cohesive description of the answer, integrating a clear grasp of the investigation with lucid personal insights. Judges particularly like the method you exploit in correction and integrate all the theories. The extremely fabulous essay is actually a well structured, written, with a solid and distinct argument and outstanding research and reference, and a good combination of the research with some deduction to another area. It is needed an evaluation of whether this was ‘good’ research using appropriate methods to research proper questions. You demonstrate an essential understanding of the format and rationale of the composition. Although you consider that you have succeed to follow most of the viewpoints you make, the level of your English sometimes makes this difficult.