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        【Abstract】By conducting a survey, the writer finds an interesting phenomenon at Honghe University (HU). The number of boy students who can not pass the English final examination exceeds the number of girls. What the reasons are? From the aspect of gender, this thesis tries to discuss the possible reasons which lead to the special phenomenon. It has some practical values both to Chinese college English teachers and the boy students.
        【Key words】gender; supplementary examination; attitude
        English learning is a very complicated process, it involves a lot of factors, especially the learners own factor. It is the most direct and the most important factor. By conducting a survey, this thesis tries to figure out the reasons why boy students are more likely failed in the English final examination.
        The author always has the work of invigilating in the college English supplementary examination. She finds that the number of boy students taking the supplementary examination outnumbers girl students. It’s a very special phenomenon. What are the reasons which lead to the unique situation?
        Altogether, there are 255 students are interviewed by the author. These students are college students from (HU). HU is located in Mengzi, a central city of southern Yunnan Province. HU is named after the “Honghe” (which means “red river” in Chinese), an international river flowing from Dali through eight counties of the Red River Prefecture of Yunnan Province all the way to Vietnam’s Hanoi. The predecessor to Honghe University – Mengzi Teachers’ Training School – was established on April 4, 1978. The name was changed to Mengzi Normal College on July 9, 1978. On April 16, 2003, the Education Department permitted Mengzi Normal College to merge with the Honghe Branch of the Yunnan Broadcasting University to form Honghe University, and on September 28, 2003, HU was formally established. Most of the 255 students are sophomores. Their ages range from 18 to 22. They take College English III as their optional course. After finishing learning the course, they will achieve the extra four academic scores.
        The author is the English teacher of the 255 students. These students are divided into three classes. In the 255 students, boy students are 107. Girls are 148. In order to find out how many these students have experienced the supplementary examination, the writer interviews them. Among the boys, the 107 students, there are 35 students have experienced the supplementary examination. Instead, only 20 girls have ever experienced the supplementary examination. It is not difficult to find out that boys are more likely to fail in an English final Examination. The failed proportion of boys is 32.71%. On the contrary, girls’ proportion is 13.51%. There is a big gap of the failed proportion between girls and boys. The next challenge is to figure out what are the reasons which lead to the great difference.