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        【Abstract】This paper probes into the teaching method of English writing teaching, namely, the Productive approach and the Process approach.I try to compare these two teaching method in 2 aspects: the advantage aspect, and the disadvantage aspect.
        【Key words】The product approach; The process approach; comparison; advantages; disadvantages; integration
        Chapter 1
        The Product method
        The detailed introduction of the Product method
        The Product method focus on the attention of the final product, it is a bottom-up model.In a typical class of using this method, teachers told students to imitate and rewrite the sentences.Students through sentence combination and grammar exercises to link the isolated sentences to an essay.No matter to teachers or to students, what is important is the ultimate work.Students’ writing ability is subjectively assessed from the perspective of language by teacher.This often ignore the communicative function of writing.The behaviouristic theory is the basis of this method.As a result, the process of teaching is that the teacher gives certain stimulus and the students response.Books and Grundy define the product method as “The final results of labor”.
        The detailed introduction of the Process method
        The process method was originated from the 70th century, this method was focus on the process of the writing.It using the way of psychological observation, observing the writer who was writing and find out the way they create the outstanding articles, they focus on the process of the writing.brainstorming, mapping, free-writing, outlining, drafting, editing, revising, proofreading and conferencing is the main procedures of writing.Teachers provides some kind of guidance to students through the process of writing.And then the teachers gradually withdrawn, so that the students can finally write independently.The basis of the process method is the interactive theory.It believes that the writing was the interactive process between groups, not the individual activities.Emphasize the real use of language to communicate in the real social environment.In the process method, students was more independent and creative.
        Comparison between the product method and the process method
        3.1 Compare these two method from the advantage aspect
        At first, let we discuss the advantages of these two method respectively.The product method still widely used in our class for several reasons.Firstly, the product method is time saving.Secondly, this method give opportunities for teachers and students to consolidate the learned grammar structures.Thirdly, the product method emphasizes on how to teach students to write an essay or passage without grammar mistakes. Fourthly, the teacher also teaches some writing skills but these all happened after the writing, after students hand in their final products.To decide weather the writing are successful or not, the criteria to evaluate the product method have two standard, the first one is the final product, and the second one is the ability to write correctly.So the goal of the product method is static, invariant and ultimate.And when the students hand in their paper, the teacher mostly judge their work from three aspects, the correctness of the grammar, and the rationality of the analysis and the organization of the structure.Next, we will discuss about the advantages of the process method.Firstly, this method is dynamic and interactive.In the process of writing, the students have enough time for preparation, they can choose their own topic which they interested in, they can collect materials and reading a lot before writing, then processing and organizing.the great preparation has been made, this is really useful and helpful to students to write, and give them opportunity to invent their own product and develop their creative ability.Teachers creating motivation of students to write, they make topic as close as possible to students life, encourage collaborative group writing and individual writing.The process method emphasize the development of thinking ability.And this method believes that the writing is the interaction process of groups communication, so they also pay attention to the cooperation between groups.Under the process methods, students become creative both in thoughts and styles.And in group writing, students also help others, and get helped.They are writers and readers at the same time.Teachers do not focuses on the grammar points and forms, so students can fully express their thoughts.They feel been respect, This surely motivate students and improve their enthusiasm.Teachers believes that the writing class is not to teach them the grammar and structures, but let students get familiar with the different stages of the writing process, and master different writing strategies and cognitive skills.Teachers do not care too much on the language competence of students, but the ability of communication, and gives more attention to the development of ideas.