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        【Abstract】National Matriculation Test (NMT) is of great importance to all of the students in China. Besides, National Matriculation English Test (NMET) plays a vital part in it. So it is necessary and meaningful for us to analise and study Each Item of the National New Curriculum Standard VolumⅠ. The thesis is based on Test 2017 and it will analize its validity.
        【Key words】 National Matriculation English Test; validity; each Item
        1. Introduction
        Testing has a close relationship with teaching. Testing is a direct approach to value teaching methods, and it is also a measurement of students’learning results. Besides these functions, testing also plays a role as a selection method. National Matriculation Test is a typical selection test.
        Students and their parents care about the quality of the test papers most. The two most important factors in test quality are test reliability and test validity. Unlike the test of other subjects, English test is a language test. It means that the purpose of language test is whether it can measure testees’real language competence instead of just measuring abstract language knowledge.
        National Matriculation English Test (NMET) is used to select suitable candidates for university which is of very high educational value. Thus, it is very important to establish a suitable English Testing System of NMET with fair principles in selection, scientifically designed testing system, and valid and reliable test papers. The analysis and research of English examination paper can not only provide reliable testing items and helpful guide in the testing design to the testing designers and testing givers, but also have significant practical significance in the principle of selection and reliability of the NMET. However, lots of previous studies centered on the contents structure of NMET English examination paper and mono-dimensional assessment.
        2. Literature Review
        2.1 Definition of Validity
        We create language tests in order to measure such essentiallly theoretical consructs as ‘reading ability’, ‘fluency in speaking’, ‘control of grammar’, and so on. For this reason, in recent years the term construct vality has been increasingly used to refer to the general, overarching notion of validity.(Heaton, J. B. 2000)
        It is not enough to assert that a test has construct validity; empricial evidence is needed. Such evidence may take several forms, including the subordinate forms of validity, content vality and criterion-related vality. And attempt to show their relevance for the solution of language testing problems. We shall then turn to other forms of evidence.