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        【Abstract】In recent years, because of the large-scale colleges’ enrollment, the number of students is increasing while the quality of their English learning level is lower than before. So the gap between students’ achievement in English is becoming larger and larger. The author aims to reveal problems of learning motivation in the English learning process. By the ways of handing out questionnaires, interviewing subjects and attending some classes, she find reasons of the problems and give suggestions to the English teachers and technical students. Base on this, teachers could find out how to stir students’ English learning motivation. Through analysis of 117 questionnaires, it finds that students of Hainan Technician College (HTC) have different motivations, and some English learning problems. In the college English learning process, teachers should first of all make an acquaintance with students’ English learning motivation and fully understand the link between academic result and motivation. Then according to their different situations, teachers should use different teaching methods and skills so as to stir and keep students learning motivation, especially in the process of college students’ classroom learning. Only if teachers keep students’ interest and stir their inner motivation, students can make good teaching achievement in teaching round. At the same time students should actively cooperate with teachers, have a clear attitude and goal in English learning, change the original bias to English, raise English learning motivation, and work hard for English in order to meet the needs of times.
        【Key words】English learning motivation; technical students; teaching method
        I. Introduction
        In modern society English plays a significant role both in teaching and in learning round, which draws many teachers and scholars’ attention. It is widely known, most of the information and documents are shown in English, which makes English used all over the world. A new passion for English has emerged in our society recently. But it is very difficult for us to learn a second language because our mother tongue is Chinese. However, it is important for us to learn English well. Then, “how to stir learners’ English learning motivation” is becoming an all-concerned topic in China.
        Given motivation, anyone can learn a language. Motivation is one of the important factors in the learning process, which helps to determine the level of proficiency achieved by different learners. It involves the arousal and maintenance of curiosity. Because of such factors as learners’ particular interests and extend to which they feel personally involved in learning activities. Until now, a large quantity of researches, both theoretical and empirical, have been conducted on these individual learner variables, especially on English learning motivation, which have been identified as the most influential variables on learning.