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        【Abstract】Based on the predominance of WeChat in spreading, this paper discusses how to construct an ideal mobile learning pattern in college English under the function of WeChat, aiming at building an interactive platform for mobile learning to support students’ independent study in English, both online and offline.
        【Key words】WeChat; mobile learning; college English
        【关键词】微信 移动学习 大学英语
        1. Introduction
        WeChat, as a type of mobile phone chatting software, since its convenient one to one communication and multiple functions has become one of the most favorite social soft-wares among college students. This paper will mainly discuss how to construct an interactive platform for mobile learning, to support students’ independent study in English.
        2. Establishment of Mobile Learning Based on WeChat
        WeChat provides an ideal language exchange platform surpassing time and space and can create oral English learning environment. This also eliminates the obstacle of face-to-face communication and nervous language organization. Such mode owns certain flexibility in time and space.
        2.1 “Seamless” Study Realized by Sharing Function
        Students could share English Essay, poetry, stories, novels, etc., create a relaxed atmosphere for learning, while the instant visual sense, which pictures and videos bring you, can not only increase students’ interest in learning, but also reinforce their learning effect. This kind of learning mode makes it possible for students to decide what content to learn and exercise students’ self-learning ability. All of which make college students share English learning resources around them and the real “seamless” study come true, by taking a picture of those learning materials and sending to others with the help WeChat.
        2.2 Mobile Learning Corner Established by Voice Function
        The voice function of WeChat, is able to extend Classroom Teaching in oral English, making students take part in topic discussion and mutual evaluation to improve the effects of interactive teaching. In addition, WeChat not only make up for the deficiency of traditional communication software in oral English, interaction and communication in listening, but also possesses great advantages which the traditional communicate software is lack of. Therefore, the voice function of WeChat make it possible for students to listen the message left by others again and again, which is conducive to increase the convenience of practicing oral English and listening ability in students’ daily life.