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      时间:2019-01-11 来源:英语广场

      作者:Liu Meng dan
        A. Woe to you when you are blessed
        As we all know, one’s life is full of unexpected events, some of which are wonderful and some of which are disastrous. Those heavy blows, such as, floods, snowstorms, and earthquakes, threaten to weigh one down. However,, it’s even worse if one can’t drag himself out of the grief in that mental break-down is more serious than the disaster itself.
        There is a chinese idiom “禍不单行”. It means that troubles never come singly. I agree with this sentence. My life confirms this proverb. Now I want to tell you my story of yesterday.
        Yesterday was one of those awful days for me when everything I did went wrong. First ,I did not hear my alarm clock and arrived late for school. Then I did not read my notebook properly and forgot to finish my homework carefully. My Chinese teacher was very angry to me. During the class break,I dropped my coffee cup and spoilt my new clothes. At lunch time,I left my student card in the canteen and I could not find it. After lunch, I was very tired and made a mistake in the class. I fell asleep during the class time!My teacher was very angry and asked me to get out of the class. Then I did not notice a sign on the door that said Wet Paint and I hit it. When I got home,I could not get into my home because I did not take my key with me. So I had to climb through the window. But I broke my feet when climbing. What a sad day!
        Yes,yesterday was very sad. But there is also another well-known saying in China:“Woe to you when you are blessed.” That is to say, luck and misfortune comes in turn. I think I agree with this sentence more. Yesterday’s story did not end. The next day I learned a lesson. I got up early and finished my homework very carefully. I was praised by my teacher. Also in the canteen, thanks to a staff, I found my student card. While there are bad things happen in my life,I got much experience.
        Finally, I get a motto of life—Gains and losses go side by side. For everybody, life is far from being perfect. There are so many unsatisfactory things in our lives. Sometimes we may think that life is all about failures and reverses. But in fact,that is not true. Success and failures,happiness and sadness are all the components of life. Owing to them,life becomes colorful,full of surprises and amazements.
        B. 50-percent theory
        This is similar to the 50-percent theory. Half the time things are better than normal; the other half, they are worse. I believe in the 50-percent theory.